MIPS advances to Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap segment

MIPS AB advances to the Large Cap segment after Nasdaq’s yearly review of the listed companies' market cap value. The move will be effected as of 3 January 2022.

Nasdaq’s yearly review is based on the average market cap value in November 2021. This year's review resulted in a move of MIPS from the Mid Cap to the Large Cap segment. The Large Cap segment includes companies whose shares have a market value of EUR 1 billion or more.

MIPS was listed at Nasdaq Stockholm in the Small Cap segment in March 2017. Since the listing, the company’s market cap value has grown from approximately SEK 1 billion to approximately SEK 29 billion today.

”I am very pleased with advancing to the Large Cap segment as it testifies that our strategy and scalable business model generate great value for our shareholders. During 2021, we made good progress towards achieving our long-term goals and I look forward to our onward journey at Large Cap”, says Max Strandwitz, CEO at Mips.


MIPS advances to Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap segment