Ingredient brand

Mips operates today as an ingredient brand. This means that Mips sells its products to helmet manufacturers who implement Mips technology in helmets that are then marketed to end users.

Mips works with many of the major helmet manufacturers around the world in the Sports category, but also sells the company’s solutions to brands active in the Moto and Safety categories. Helmets equipped with Mips technology are often priced somewhat higher and the premium for the Mips product starts at USD 15–20 and upwards at the consumer level.

The ingredients brand model enables Mips to reach, with limited costs, a large number of customers and receive high exposure to end users through the helmet brands’ broad and global marketing resources.

Mips enjoys close working relationships with customers with a goal to ensure a uniform and controlled message to end-users and media. Mips provides the necessary expertise, resources and marketing material to the customers’ sales staff and distributors – through participation in sales and distribution meetings, for example.

Mips also actively works with strategic and cost-efficient marketing strategies targeting distributors, dealers and the media. This work takes place in close collaboration with the company’s customers (helmet brands) by educating distributors, dealers and the media about the benefits of Mips’ technology, for example through various sales programs and by providing follow-up training materials.

Helmets that are equipped with Mips safety system always display the yellow Mips logo on the outside of the helmets according to the Mips licensing agreement that stipulates a very visible and consistent branding.

For a full list of partners using our technology visit our consumer website.