The history of Mips

The start of 25 years of research into rotational motion

In 1995 Hans von Holst, a Swedish brain surgeon working at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, began examining how standard helmets were designed, as he was convinced that the helmets generally available were not providing sufficient protection against brain injuries. Hans von Holst contacted KTH (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) with a view to launching research into preventing head and neck injuries, which resulted in Peter Halldin, a student at the institute, commencing his doctorate on the biomechanics of injuries to the head and neck. In 1996 Hans von Holst and Peter Halldin presented their idea for the Mips solution. During the same time period, Svein Kleiven was admitted as a PhD student, and started work on developing what has become one of the finest FE (Finite Element) models in the world of the human brain. This model is a key research tool for Mips, as it makes it possible to visualize and measure the effects of Mips safety system.

A summary of Mips’s history

Research phase

Starting in 1996, the company works to develop the idea of the Mips solution. Startup funding is obtained to cover the costs of performing experimental tests, and expenses linked to patent applications.

Startup phase

The first prototype of a helmet equipped with a Mips solution was tested at the University of Birmingham in 2000, and led to the publication of the first scientific article in 2001.

An actual equestrian helmet featuring a Mips solution is developed and launched on the Swedish market.

The first institutional investors choose to invest in the company, and the first agreement with an external customer is signed.

Growth Phase

In 2010, the strategic decision is taken to focus exclusively on becoming a leading ingredient brand by selling and licensing the company’s technology within different helmet categories, rather than marketing of own brand helmets.

2015 was a milestone year for Mips, when the company sold more than a million Mips safety system units to 28 helmet brands, corresponding to an increase in volume of 275 percent in comparison with the previous year.

Having previously been available in motocross helmets, Mips safety system is launched in a road motorcycle helmet in 2016, and Mips experiences continued growth in volume, selling 1.7 million MIPS safety system units over the course of the year.

Under 2017 Mips is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Up to and including 2021, the company has sold more than 30 million Mips safety system units, which have been implemented in several different types of helmets, including bike, snow, equestrian, motorcycle, climbing and safety.