Mips is a global leader in its field and aims to be at the forefront of its industry when it comes to sustainability. The company must fulfil the expectations of its stakeholders and lead the way. This is what enables Mips to continue to grow profitably and sustainably.

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Sustainability highlights 2023

Work continued to implement the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals within Mips' operations.

Continued to develop product lifecycle analysis by adding in Mips Integra Fuse, Mips Integra Split, different material options for Mips Integra TX, and color options for the plastic in Mips’ products.

Mips achieved its goal of a 40–60 distribution of women and men in the workplace, the figure for 2023 was 46/54 percent women/men.

Reduced emissions per solution by an average around 20.8%.

Carried out third-party audits of the three strategically most important suppliers in the supply chain.

By year-end, offer Mips’ suppliers post industrial recycled plastic for all manufacturing of Mips’ most sold solution.

Our core values:
We dare

Daring means being brave, innovative, and challenging the status quo. We are curious about trying new solutions and are not afraid to make mistakes or ask for help. We challenge ourself and others to achieve Mips’ vision.

We care

Caring involves creating a sustainable environment where people can perform. We show our colleagues respect. In our desire to achieve the highest quality, we take responsibility for our own wellbeing.

We share

Sharing is about creating transparency, a sense of belonging, and trust. We continuously share our experiences and knowledge with our colleagues. We support collaboration across functional areas.

Outcome 2023 & our four focus areas

In 2023, Mips has continued the ambitious journey towards a more sustainable future with a clear goal, governance model, and motivated organization.

Science based targets

Reduced emissions per solution sold by an average of around 21% vs. 2022

UN Global Compact

Carried out third-party audits of the three strategically most important suppliers in the supply chain

Circular product offering

Offered Mips’ suppliers 100% post industrial recycled plastic for Mips’ most sold solution

Mips’ total climate impact

In 2021 Mips carried out the first analysis of its total climate impact according to the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. In 2022 and 2023, Mips has had access to more granular data and has been able to refine the analysis of total emissions. This has enabled an update of the calculations used in 2021 with more exact data. Previous year Mips set a goal to reduce its total emissions by 42 percent by the end of 2030 based on SBTi’s calculations, not including growth. For 2023, the target was to reduce total emissions by 12 percent per unit sold, and the outcome was an average decrease per sold unit with 20.8 percent.

Total emissions 2023

Total climate emission

Total climate emission
Total 4,434 tCO2e 4434
Raw material39.9%
Electricity suppliers38.8%
Electricity China0.6%
Electricity Sweden0.0%

A sustainable product

Mips constantly strives to limit its impact on the climate and the environment, which is continually assessed along with the sustainability of the supply chain and the products and their actual impact on the world. Mips continued the mapping of the total climate impact of its operations during the year.

A positive, strong corporate culture

Part of Mips’ vision is to use Mips’ technology so that helmets in all categories protect users better than current test standards promote.

Mips is a pioneer in this important field, so it is vital that the company can attract and retain employees with the right skills and passion to always make safer and better solutions. Even though Mips is the world leader in its field, Mips’ people are modest and curious, with a desire to learn more. Mips’ employees constantly challenges themselves and the company encourages all employees to bring the best of themselves to work every day.

Helmet safety

Sustainable societal development is extremely important for us, we believe that our technology and products lead to a more sustainable society since they are designed to improve helmet protection for both recreational and professional use. Improved helmet protection leads to increased safety and security while reducing risk for both short-term and long-term sick leave, as well as permanent injury.

A sustainable supply chain

Mips does not conduct any of its own production, and instead uses external suppliers for product manufacturing. To ensure that the supply chain and the manufacturing of the solutions is sustainable, Mips needs to ensure that the supply chains of its suppliers are sustainable and comply with requirements stipulated by laws and conventions.