The Board of directors

In accordance with MIPS’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors shall consist of three to eight members. The Board of Directors currently consists of five members who were elected at the 2021 AGM.

No member of the Board of Directors elected by the shareholders’ meeting is employed by MIPS. All of the members elected by the shareholders´ meeting are considered to be independent of the company and its management and in relation to the company’s major shareholders. Thus, MIPS meet the requirements of the Code regarding the independence of the Board in relation to the company, the senior management and the company’s major shareholders.

Magnus Welander

Chairman of the Board since 2019. Chairman of the Remuneration Committee

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Jenny Rosberg

Director since 2018. Chairman of the Audit committee

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Thomas Bräutigam

Director since 2021. Member of the Audit Committee

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Pernilla Wiberg

Director since 2016

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Jonas Rahmn

Director since 2012. Member of the Remuneration Committee

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