Our impact on the environment

We strive to limit our impact on the environment, which we continually assess, along with the sustainability of the supply chain and the products and their actual impact on the world.

We continuously analyze the environmental impact of our operations with a focus on carbon dioxide emissions. In particular, we review and ultimately limit the footprint of our manufacturing process and our business-related travel.

The life span of MIPS products should be at least as long or longer than for the helmet in which the product is installed. All of our products are made of plastic that is recyclable and we always try to use materials with as little impact on the climate and the environment as is technically and commercially possible. We also ensure that our products are manufactured as close to the helmet manufacturers’ factories as possible (often production is in the same factories) to minimize the number of product transports. The packaging used for MIPS components is always made of recyclable material.

All transportation to end markets is handled by our customers, who are encouraged to choose green options to the extent it is possible. We continually review circumstances with the aim of locating our production as close to the end consumers as possible, but in this regard we are dependent on our customers and their production logistics. However, we believe that future inroads in new categories may mean that our production, at least in part, will be based in both Europe and the US, which would likely reduce the final transport needs of customers, thereby reducing the impact of the entire production chain on the climate and the environment.

MIPS is a global company and for many of our employees travel is essential to the job. With the aim of limiting travel as much as possible and thereby reducing the negative impact on the climate and the environment that air travel entails, we use video and telephone conferences to the extent that it is possible and appropriate.


MIPS does not have any activities of its own that are subject to the reporting requirement, MIPS products must always be manufactured in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and with the least possible impact on the environment. We must always evaluate environmental aspects of new products and minimize negative environmental impact throughout the product cycle.


Our ambition is for our packaging material to be from 100% recyclable material.

We will reduce our CO2 emissions from travel by 50% based on 2019 emissions per employee.

Hazardous chemicals
We will gradually reduce hazardous chemicals in our products – today they make up less than 3 ppm (parts per million).