We are world leaders in our field, and also aim to be leaders in our industry when it comes to sustainability, in order to identify risks and opportunities, live up to the expectations of others, and lead the way for others. That is how we ensure that we will continue to grow profitably.

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Three focus areas

The stakeholder dialogues and materiality analysis, along with the improved insight we have gained into our total climate impact, have led us to structure our sustainability efforts around three focus areas. The difference compared to the structure and follow-up of previous years’ sustainability work is that we have integrated the earlier focus area “our impact on the environment” into the other three focus areas as environmental aspects permeate all three of the other areas.

Our employees

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Influence and collaboration

Our aim is to influence the entire helmet industry.

We are a small company that provides helmet manufacturers with one ingredient in their helmets, but we are world leaders in our field. Just as our product can make a decisive difference in a helmet, we believe that our company can make a difference in influencing the entire helmet industry to become more sustainable.

To develop sustainable materials we and our partners need to contribute to, and inspire, each another. Together with suppliers and partners, Mips works to limit climate and environmental impact as much as possible, to apply the same values throughout Mips’ value chain, to embrace social responsibility for all employees, and to respect human rights in every regard.

Climate challenge – greater insight and transparency

We understand the climate challenge and support the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. To gain a better understanding of how to reduce our climate impact, Mips first needs full insight into what that impact is, which will guide our work going forward.

In 2021 we worked with a third party to analyze the total climate impact of our value chain to identify those aspects of sustainability where Mips can make the greatest difference. As a result, we know that Our we can have the greatest impact in matters related to Mips’ product and material usage.

In 2022 our goal is to refine this analysis and set ambitions, targets and plans for continuously working to reduce our total climate impact and communicate this going forward. Our aim is to be able to adopt climate targets in line with the Science based targets.

Sustainability highlights of 2021

Mips continues to integrate social and environmental aspects into its business strategy and operations.

Sustainability at Mips

In 2021, Mips and our stakeholders continued our ambitious journey towards a more sustainable future with a clear goal, governance model, and motivated organization.

Mips wants to contribute to achieving the 17 global sustainability goals. To ensure that Mips’ KPIs are relevant in this regard we have chosen to align Mips’ sustainability targets with the UNs sustainability goals.

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Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct has been adopted to emphasize the values and principles that govern our relationship with each other, our stakeholders and the surrounding world.

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